We explain step by step how the slimming training plan should be structured in detail. In addition to the necessary training duration, criteria such as training intensity, the right choice of exercises, and exciting tips around the training plan will be the focus.

The Basics Of The Training Plan To Lose Weight

A well-structured training plan for the physical goal of losing weight should be characterized by an effective mix of strength and endurance elements. The intensity of the training cannot be compared to that of a muscle build-up training. Training plans for losing weight are always characterised by a high intensity – breaks between sets are kept to a minimum. Besides the normal training with free weights as one aspect for losing weight, a special endurance training in the form of interval training is indispensable for success.

This distinguishes a training plan for losing weight:

Strength training for the preservation of musculature
Endurance training for fat burning
High intensity training

Slim Down Tips For The Training Plan

Supportive Sports Nutrition

In addition to strength and endurance training and a structured nutrition plan, such as the protein diet, the intelligent use of sports nutrition within the training plan is also suitable for losing weight.

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Increase Everyday Activity

If you want to do something for weight loss beyond the training plan, you can increase your daily activity. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or cycle to work. This burns extra calories and makes it easier to achieve your training goals.

Looking For Like-Minded People

The choice of a suitable training partner can be a central success criterion for weight loss. Through mutual motivation and a common approach to training, it is easier to bridge deep phases and work together towards the desired goal.

Use Of 12 Week Program

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Training Frequency

If you want to lose weight effectively, you should plan 3-4 training sessions per week. The training goal of losing weight is not accompanied by an extremely high training load of 5-7 units per week. If you want to lose weight, you already expose your body to great “stress” by maintaining a calorie deficit. Plan therefore sufficient time for regenerating to avoid an overtraining or an overload of the cardiovascular system.

Regular training is also important in the diet, as it provides a tight and fit look.

The exercises for strength training can easily be divided into a split training plan. What does split division mean? The individual training days are “split” specifically according to individual muscle groups. A classical distribution would be e.g. chest and triceps or back and biceps to be trained separately on individual days. For a training frequency of four units per week a 4er Split offers itself.

Here single muscles can be worked intensively through isolation exercises as well as basic exercises can be sensibly integrated into the training plan. Basic exercises such as bench press, crucifix lift or knee bends address several muscles simultaneously. Those who train only three times a week choose a 3 split with the classic distribution chest/shoulder/triceps, back/biceps and legs & belly.

You have to keep this in mind when planning your weight loss workout:

3-4x training per week
Split training plan or full body plan
Mix of basic and isolation exercises

The strength training should be supplemented by a subsequent cardio unit on two units a week. Highly intensive interval workouts are ideal for fat burning. Through the use of interval training, the metabolism after training is demonstrably favoured by the so-called “afterburning effect”. In addition, after “consuming” the energy reserves from the glycogen stores, our organism reverts to our fat depots – a perfect circumstance for losing weight.

On our HIIT Training page we explain exactly what constitutes a high-intensity interval training.

Training Duration

If you want to reduce or lose body fat, you don’t have to spend 2 hours a day in the gym. Less is more! A well planned training session of the slimming plan should not last longer than 60-90 minutes. This can be a very effective mix of strength elements and intensive endurance training. Pleasant side-effect: The “short” workouts keep you on the ball longer and consistently follow your training plan for weight loss – without compromises. Read more at goodhealthplanning.com for the best workouts for weight loss.


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