The bathroom is in most cases one of the largest tile projects in the home. The bathroom is the place where tiles are laid on the floor and walls. The appearance of wall and floor tiles needs to be carefully considered, as they determine much of the ambience in the bathroom.

In addition to the appearance, two other important factors play a role: the material of the tiles, their quality and the decors that create a varied look in the bathroom. This blog post therefore deals with three core themes that determine the concept of your bathroom:

  • Colour and style of the tiles
  • Material of the tiles
  • and sample tiles and decors

Exactly Your Tile Style In The Bathroom

The first and probably most important decision is the colour and style of the bathroom tiles: Concrete look in the bathroom? A mix of marble and wood tiles? Or something completely different with strong colours or pastel, modern nuances? In addition to this decision, of course, the format also plays a role: XXL floor tiles are trendy and oversized tiles are increasingly being used on the walls as well. The designs of our brand manufacturers are as varied as the tastes: bathroom tiles are available in a wide variety of designs and patterns.

In addition to tiles that imitate natural materials (wood look or stone look), many industrial-style tiles, such as concrete look, are also available. Not to forget the “classics”: more or less monochrome tiles that spread their own individual look with special patterns, decorative tiles or colour effects. Matt and glossy, polished or with 3D reliefs – the choice is not exactly made easy for you! In our picture selection you can be inspired by a wide variety of bathroom ideas. Whether concrete look with ceramicvision Metropolis or marble look with Margres Prestige! Of course you can find all tiles in our webshop!

The Material Of Bathroom Tiles

Once this decision on colour and design has been made – as difficult as it is – another consideration follows, which sometimes cannot be separated from the visual appearance of the tile: The material. Many series offer a modular system: within one series, tiles are offered for the wall made of earthenware or stoneware and tiles for the floor made of porcelain stoneware in the same design. Especially for the bathroom, such a modular system is worth its weight in gold, which has to do with the ability of the tiles to cut. Earthenware can be cut much easier than porcelain stoneware. Bathroom wall tiles often need holes to make room for water pipes. That’s why you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you use stoneware tiles on the walls – at least where you’re likely to need more cutting.

Porcelain stoneware tiles can also be laid on the walls without any problems, but the harder material makes cutting a bit more difficult. Modular series are therefore the easiest way to completely equip the bathroom with tiles that also fit together perfectly.

Patterns And Decors In The Bathroom

Decorative tiles and borders give your bathroom an individual look. Particularly with very simple, single-coloured tiles, decors can create eye-catching effects and lend the bathroom more personality.

Depending on the series, not just one but several different decors are offered: Some tile series have decorative tiles that are designed in the same basic colour as the wall tiles and are complemented with floral or geometric patterns. Most tile series also offer mosaics available in all the colours of the tile series. In contrast to large decors, mosaics make a more discreet impression and look timeless – especially in the bathroom. They are very suitable for the shower or for decorating niches.

Of course, the bathroom can not only be individualised with series-own decors. Mosaics and borders from other manufacturers can also complement your individual look. Jasba, for example, offers a huge selection of mosaics in our online tile shop. Also Bärwolf has a creative selection of borders and offers many Listelli, which were partly made of real natural stone.

What To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Before you make the decision for certain tiles for the bathroom, it is definitely worth thinking about two things in more detail: Is it important to you to have perfectly matching floor tiles to your bathroom wall tiles? Then you should choose a comprehensive, modular series that offers the floor tiles to match the wall tiles.

The second consideration is whether the tile series offers matching decors and mosaics. Although mosaics from other manufacturers can also be combined, you should pay close attention to the colour, the thickness of the tiles and the format.

Ideally, stoneware tiles for bathroom walls can be laid in addition to porcelain stoneware floor tiles. These are easier to cut when water pipes come out of the walls. If stoneware tiles from one series are used and mixed with floor tiles from another series, this is not a big problem – many series are well suited for combining! Our service staff will be happy to advise you either at one of our tile installation. Visit us at today.

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